Young Wolf - Kabuki (Spiritual Version)

Kabuki (Spiritual Version) - 'Kabuki' EP - Themes For Great Cities - Jan. 2017

For the year’s first post, we turn to a recent collaboration, Young Wolf. The duo, comprised of Young Marco (real name Marco Sterk) and Wolf Müller (AKA Jan Schulte) team up and let their styles melt together to create a beautifully enchanting EP. One part warm, dreamy pads, and one part uplifting organic percussion; the two worlds collide in a serene, blissful state. The Spiritual Version is an absolute must have, the delicate and graceful pads wash away any bits of worry or stress as the percussion gently drives the track. Even with plenty of lovely atmospheric bits scattered throughout, the track remains conservative, keeping the focus where it belongs without distracting with unnecessary elements. It’s pure. And it’s brilliant.


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