Baikal - Pelican's Flight EP

'Pelican's Flight EP' - Maeve - May 2016

Baikal does it again with his 2-track EP 'Pelican’s Flight' out today on Maeve. With tracks like 'Why Don’t Ya' and his remix of Ian Pooley’s 'CompuRhythm', Baikal has already secured his spot in our favourites' list and left very high expectations… and in short; we are not disappointed. The title track keeps a beautiful tension in the atmosphere, building itself slowly while still keeping the whole ordeal low-key. Suddenly the overtones come out of nowhere, and they are absolutely stunning. 'All Forces Occur in Pairs' takes a bit more conventional approach, rhythmic synths chugging along as Baikal builds his world around it. With a similar tension as the title track, 'All Forces Occur in Pairs' also builds itself slowly, sprinkling bits of magic here and there to create another mind blowing journey through sound. With this EP, Baikal has taken it to the next level again, and we’re forecasting this to be one of the most often heard tunes of the summer season. Time will tell, but we’ll sure as hell be playing it when and where we can.


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