Dorisburg - Irrbloss EP

'Irrbloss EP' - Hivern Discs - Feb. 2016

One of our long-time favourites and all around nice guy Dorisburg brings a fantastic double EP on Hivern titled "Irrbloss", and we absolutely jumped on it. If you know Dorisburg, then we don’t need to describe the visceral and very tactile sound the Swedish producer creates; and if you don’t know what we're talking about, well you’ve come to the right place then.
"Irrbloss" as a whole is an amazing piece of work. 8 tracks that each have their own identity and feel, standing tall on their own, but even more together. We don’t want to ruin the surprises inside, so we’ll just talk about the 2 tracks that made the entire album worth it (for us): 'Irrbloss' and 'Votiv'. The former is of course the title track, but also the first track, setting the tone for what’s to come. Dorisburg wastes no time here, there’s no exaggerated intro, he just dips straight into the groove. A warm, organic jungle-y feel is what fuels the fire here as the great flutes sing their song. The track doesn’t let up, it gives and gives and when you think it’s over, it shifts shape and gives more. This is the elegant burner. 
The next one is the hammer. 'Votiv' is the evil twin, heading out with the same feel but different intentions. 'Votiv' is heavy, the rolling bassline gives it a body almost too big for its cage. Dorisburg then tames the beast and shows us what else is up his sleeve. Amazing power and pressure throughout, all the way to the end when the track ceases. Very impressive stuff here.


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