Ripperton - This, What Remains EP

'This, What Remains EP' - Maeve - Dec. 2015

After quite a long pause, we have finally landed on a release we both agree is up to our standards. This beauty comes from one of our long-time favorites (and Noisy Activities regular), Ripperton. Again on Maeve, ‘This, What Remains’ is a two-track EP; ‘Ordine Gigante’ on the A-side and ‘Isola’ on the B.
‘Ordine Gigante’ starts the ride with a beautifully warm vibe, slowly teasing as the strings rise and sound fills the empty space. The track has an epic feel, with traces reaching far off into the distance, and at times a bit dark, only to succumb to the sunrise and give way to light.
And the B-side! Again, absolutely amazing work. With a soft, yet deliberate intro we’re off. ‘Isola’ is a bit more subtle than its partner, with a softer energy, but still with the same atmospheric and almost enchanting Ripperton touch. This was the track that really won us over here. It’s timeless.