Giegling tribute / Vril - Torus

Giegling Tribute / Vril - Torus (Mar. 14)

In the heart of Germany’s Thuringia state, you’ll find a small city called Weimar. The city is best known for its major cultural and historical significance - ranging from Friedrich Nietzsche, Goethe, the Bauhaus movement to Nazi strongholds - but the town of 65k people is also home to one of the smallest and most celebrated underground labels today; Giegling.

We first caught wind of Giegling a few years back, with records and mixes from the label’s most well-known artist Traumprinz, aka Prince Of Denmark aka DJ Metatron, fueling our fires and leaving us thirsty for more (you may remember his Mothercave album in 2013 or his RA mix the same year). Since then he’s been followed by a range of great artists; including Edward, Dwig or Vril (whose album Torus is also a topic of today’s post).

In short words, the magic behind Giegling is this very specific sound, characterized by a raw, emotionally pure homage to ambience and melody in general.
One of the best examples comes from techno-artist Vril. Released last year, ‘Torus’ is an 11-track LP that takes its vibration back to the basics while still redefining the genre in its own way. From ‘Prologue’ to ‘Epilogue’, the record covers a wide variety of soundscapes, of which we’ll just talk about a couple and let you discover the rest.
‘Torus II’ builds its almost tactile atmosphere while a single arpeggio – acting as bass line and melody all in one - slowly rises, and with it, a deep and dirty energy emerges. The second track that moves us is ‘Torus XXXII’, a chilled melancholic number that captures the essence of autumn in one deep, stirring tune. The bass glides effortlessly while the highs slowly creep in. The end result is hauntingly beautiful.
But Vril doesn’t stop there; moving along to ‘Torus CXXVIII’ he shows us his darker, techno side. Direct, heavy in-your-face industrial-esque techno pounds out 3 kicks per bar, and how. The tension rises and suddenly you feel like throwing your hands in the air as if to tempt the Norse gods into a duel.

So we can definitely see why Giegling has been on a steady rise, its artists are purists and freaks – in the best way possible – and it relies on that, rather than promo and record sales. One of the few labels whose focus is directed 100% to sound, art and music... It’s a simple approach, yet increasingly rare these days. Here’s to Giegling.

Vril - Torus XXXII

Vril - Torus II

And here a little surprise from the one and only, enjoy ;)


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