Dave DK - Val Maira

Dave DK - 'Val Maira' - Kompakt - Apr. 15

Dave DK dropped what has been described as "The Perfect Kompakt Record" on, yep, Kompakt last month. As his third studio album, Dave DK dives into melancholy as he crosses the influences of pop, techno, house and minimal beautifully and coherently in this 11-track masterpiece. Our favorites include ‘We Mix At Six’, with its blend of dark-yet-hopeful energy and near-perfect execution. ‘Whitehill feat. Piper Davis’ scratches an itch in the back of your mind with its slightly off tune pads and smoky vocals. Another favorite is ‘Smukke Lyde’… fantastic vibes here, also very consistent with the rest of the album. All in all an outstanding LP worth buying.

We Mix At Six

Whitehill feat. Piper Davis

Smukke Lyde


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