Azamat - Not Only Silence Between Us

Azamat - 'Not Only Silence Between Us' - Unreleased

Not much is known about Azamat (AKA Azamat Murzaev along with his better known alias Agraba) other than he hails from 'mother' Russia. With releases on Culprit, Akbal Music, collaborations with Julia Govor and more, it's easy to see why he caught our attention. But it's what he didn't release on these labels that has us all worked up.

'Not Only Silence Between Us' is what we're here to bring you. This is a full length album from the artist, 10 tracks in total - all released completely for free via his soundcloud! We got our hands on the album in its demo form in the summer of 2014, and have been patiently waiting for its arrival. Well, now we wait no more!

While the album is absolutely stunning from beginning to end, featuring a Nicolas Jaar-esque feel - thanks to a bluesy and at times Arabic feel and organic sounds displaying a deep understanding of groove & tone - there are of course a few stand-out tracks we're going to talk about.

First up, 'Another Man', with its elegant piano lines and brilliant use of sampling, the track swims in the emotional side of electronic music while maintaining a subtle groove that beckons sensual hip-swaying.

'Summertime' puts quite a bit more meat on the table. A thick groove and confident piano work take the track to an amazing direction, completed with key changes and steady foot-tapping good percussion.

Tracks like 'Naga' and 'Children Of Desert' explore a different part of the spectrum to round off the album in the most impressive way.

We're super eager to hear more from Azamat and we hope you enjoy the album as much as we do. Seriously, listen to the whole thing - there is something for everybody here.


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