Weval - Easier EP

Weval - 'Easier EP' - Kompakt - Nov. 14

Kompakt has made a habit of consistently delivering quality tracks for 2 decades now, so we were not all too surprised when we found this gem had the mark of the beast as well. We don’t know too much about Weval, this EP is the first we’ve heard from them. Let's be honest, we really really like what we hear! 'Gimme Some' has a soft elegance to it, thanks to the lush vocals, but also maintains a gritty vibe with the pulsating bass and the absolutely spine tingling rhythmic synth work. 'Easier', the title track, is more bubbly, but still moody and etherial, very lovely. The whole EP is just beautiful, haunting, deep.... just the way we like it.


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