Roman Flügel - Happiness is Happening

'Happiness Is Happening' - Dial Records - Sept. 14

Roman Flügel dropped his latest album ‘Happiness Is Happening’ on Dial recently, and we were hooked. The album features 10 original works from the well-known producer including our favorites ‘Wilkie’, ‘Tense Times’, ‘Occult Levitation’ and ‘All That Matters’. The album is pretty solid from start to finish, but the above mentioned tracks really set the album apart from the static. ‘Wilkie’ is a bright, uplifting track with a laid back tempo and almost ‘mystical’ feel to it. This is followed by ‘Tense Times’, a bit more serious and a bit more pressure than the previous thanks to the continuous pulsing pad throughout. The next to last track ‘Occult Levitation’ is like your morning shower, a great feeling with a kick of energy behind it. Lastly, ‘All That Matters’ slows us back down to finish off the album with beautiful ambience. We recommend you check it out in its entirety, it’ll be well worth it. In the meantime, you can check out a couple tracks below.


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